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Upcoming appearances:


Date: Saturday Sept.13th
Time: 3:00 Pm till 9:00 pm
Location: 738 S. Broad St. > Philadelphia, Pa. 19146
Admission : $ 3.00

EVERY 1/2 HOUR A DIFFERENT JAZZ ORGAN TRIO WILL TAKE THE STAGE FEATURING (10) ORGANISTS (4) DRUMMERS (4) GUITAR PLAYERS AND (2) HAMMOND B-3 ORGANS - ONE OF WHICH BELONGED TO THE MAN WHO STARTED IT ALL Mr. James Oscar Smith The purpose of this Jazz Organ Festival is to further the love , appreciation and awareness of the Hammond B-3 Organ > its' sound and and groov'in with some of the best Hammond B-3 players in the business. Between the years of 1970' to the year 2000' the Hammond B-3 was nowhere to be found on public jazz radio. We all remember the song "Misty" played by organist Richard "GROOVE" Holmes on the radio and really dug the sound of "Groove" Holmes wailing away.

Well since the resurgence of Jazz Organ music thanks to guys like myself and Organist Joey Defrancisco coming out at the same time with the first records in the year 2000'both appearing at Temple Universities WRTI jazz radio on a radio interview on the same day, the re-birth of Hammond B-3 jazz organ music returned. Since organist Jimmy Smith who started this idiom and style on the Hammond B-3 Jazz Organ playing back in the late 1950's many jazz organists have been influnced by his playing. We were also influenced by other Hammond B-3 Masters such as ; "Brother" Jack McDuff, Don Patterson,"Wild" Bill Davis, Jimmy McGriff and Larry Young just to name a few Jazz Organists who made an indeleble mark in the jazz organ genre that we love a appreciate today.

Organ Mavon Pete Fallico and the former wife of the late, great Organist Jimmy McGriff will be at this event. Also present will be my personal Manager and former wife and Manager of jazz guitarist Pat Martino.

Please feel free to stop by the Clef Club for a day to remember with some of the swingingest Jazz Organ players on this planet. And remember that every 1/2 hour there is a new Jazz Organist taking the stage with his own personal trio to make this event fresh and swinging every minute. WELL HOPE TO SEE Y'ALL THERE ON SEPT.13TH FOR A GREAT DAY IN PHILADELPHIA. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE OF MANY JAZZ ORGAN FESTIVALS TO APPEAR IN THE UNITED STATES IN THE FUTURE.

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